Total Woman Leadership Conference

For women who want to live as leaders – in their homes, community and world


The leadership conference gives women a forum to learn, network and a platform to showcase God-given gifts

Our aim is to equip, enable and empower women to lead as the salt of the earth and the light of the world

Outcome of our programs are; personal development in skills, knowledge, mindset change, gifts activated and lives impacted

Know; role as a leader, know what to do

Do: Step out and start impacting your community, action plan and act on it

Feel: empowered to live as the salt of the earth and light of the world – leader

  • Inspiring, enabling and challenging people (especially women) to step up into their leadership role and step out to impact their world
  • enabling people to influence (light of the world) and be catalyst of societal transformation (salt of the earth)
  • Sharing timeless nuggets of wisdom that the Creator of the world has set in place and from inspirational people who are impacting their world
  • Raising awareness of issues affecting us as individuals, our children and families, our society as a whole; and challenging ourselves to be part of the solution not just a passive complainer
  • Teaching based on practical life experiences that impart knowledge, understanding of what it means to be a servant leader
  • Our priority is not about people but about YOU as an individual discovering, activating, stepping out and stepping up to your role as a leader. You don’t need title but your gifts to impact your world as light and salt. The world needs You
  • Everyone is important. Everyone is needed for the world. We encourage every participant of TWLC to discover, activate and use their gift for the society /world not just a means of accumulating wealth
  • The cost of our conferences to purely the cost of the venue
  • We understand the timeless earth principle of sowing and reaping, giving and receiving,
  • As such many of us sow into the lives of those who are not able to afford the cost of participation at this time to financial constraint, by sponsoring their participation.
  • What we ask is that when your circumstances change, you too sow into someone else’s life on the conference. Be a catalyst of transformation in someone’s life